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I'm Martina Zonno, web developer freelancer of 24 years old from Milan.
I graduated in 2008 at the Graphic Design high school Kandinsky, I graduated in 2013 at the State University of Milan in the Digital Communication's course.

With the collaboration of Mirko Cappai, I founded in 2011 Graficamami.it, a graphic online agency that incorporates several freelancer, providing services for the web, designs adwords campaigns and implements creativity below and above the line.

I personally make websites, corporate identity, posters, fotoediting, video and animated bannes, brochures and customized graphics, also I am available for freelancer work and photography collaborations.

I guarantee affordable prices and a fast and professional service.
For learn more, view my portfolio and contact me in the right section.


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    Fondazione Rava

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